COP3330/CGS5409: Object-oriented Programming in C++

Course Syllabus

This course is an adaptation of the COP3330 course by Robert Myers and the course by Matthew Small.

program examples

Lecture 1

Programming assignment 1 (warm-up): rank of hands, sample executable for linprog, sample test case, sample output for the test case, template for bug fixing log, Due time: May 22, 11:59pm

Lecture 2
Lecture 3

Programming assignment 2: Date and day of week calculator, date2013_test.cpp, Output of date2013_test.cpp, sample test case, output for the sample test case, template for bug fixing log, Due time: May 29, 11:59pm

Lecture 4

Program for extra points: The number puzzle, extra1_linprog.a, test_extra1.txt, test_extra1_out.txt, Latest time to get the extra 30 points for this program is June 12, 11:59pm.

Announcement: There will be a g++ compiler error exercise and in-class quiz in the recitations next week (Students in the Monday recitation will do the quiz as a homework).

Lecture 5
Lecture 6

Programming assignment 3: The bigint class, proj3_driver.cpp, proj3_test.txt, Output of proj3_driver.cpp when proj3_test.txt is redirected as the standard input. Your code should produce identical output. template for bug fixing log, Due time: June 5, 11:59pm

Announcement: There will be an in-class programming quiz in the recitations next week.

Lecture 7

Programming assignment 4: Super-anagrams and imperfect palindromes, due June 12, 11:59pm.

Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 10

Midterm Review

Announcement: Midterm to be held on June 18 (Next Tuesday).

Programming assignment 5: PlayList manager, Sample executable for linprog, menu.cpp, song.cpp, song.h, Sample test input file, Output for Sample test input file Due time: June 26, 11:59pm

Lecture 11 Programming assignment 6: Treasure Island, due July 3, 11:59pm. Alternatively, you can try the number puzzle problem for 110 total points if your program can handle all the test cases.

Lecture 12
Lecture 13

Programming assignment 7: MyString Class, Given files for this assignment, Due time: July 10, 11:59pm.

Lecture 14

Programming assignment 8: A variation of UNIX wc utility, Given files for this assignment, Due time: July 17, 11:59pm.

Lecture 15
Lecture 16
Lecture 17

Programming assignment 9: A doubly linked list and an application, Given files for this assignment, Due time: July 26, 11:59pm.

Lecture 18
Lecture 19 (The content in this lecture will NOT be in the final.)

July 30 Lecture will be a question/answer section.

Final exam to be held on August 1. Here is the Final review.