CEN5515 Data and Computer Communications


Lecture 1: Motivation

Lecture 2: Introduction

Lecture 3: Reference Models

Lecture 4: Application layer (socket API)

Homework 1 (due Sept. 13 before class)

Lecture 5: The email system

Homework 2 (due Sept. 15 before class): Without using any mail reader, send a mail to yourself from linprog and read the mail from linprog. Hand in the screen-dump depicting how you send/read the mail (don't forget to black-out your password).

Lecture 6: HTTP and DNS

Project 1: A Mail Reader, Sample executable for diablo ('mymail /usr/spool/mail/xxxx')

Lecture 7: Physical Layer 1

Due date for project1 is postponed to Oct. 4. Please use a new mail server cen5515srv.cs.fsu.edu ( to test your mail program.

Lecture 8: Physical Layer 2

Lecture 9: Data Link Layer 1

Lecture 10: Data Link Layer 2

quiz No. 1

Project 1 demonstration is postponed to Thursday. I will try to keep the time slots. If you cannot make the time slot you signed up for Tuesday, pleast let me know. The demonstration will be held in the Majors lab.

Lecture 11: Data Link Layer 3

Lecture 12: Data Link Layer 4 and Medium Access Control 1

Project 2: Data Link Layer Protocols and its software package, a checksum executable for program machines, a sample PAR sender for program machines, a sample PAR receiver for program machines

Please download proj2.tar again. The earlier version has a bug reported by Paul Nuzzi (Thanks!!). 5 Points will be awarded for any other bug report.

Midterm to be held on Oct. 20. Midterm reading list

Lecture 13: Ethernet

Please download proj2.tar again. A second bug is reported by Daniel Beech (Thanks!!).

Lecture 14: Switched Ethernet

Please download the same receiver again. A bug is reported by Richard Mei (Thanks!!).

Lecture 15: Network Layer

Lecture 16: Distance Vector and Link State algorithms

Homework No. 4, due Nov. 3

Lecture 17: Network Layer 3

Potential Term Project Topics

Lecture 18: Internet Protocol

Lecture 19: More on Internet routing

Lecture 20: Transport layer

Lecture 21: UDP

Lecture 22: TCP(1)

Lecture 23: TCP(2)

Final reading list

Term project report due on Wednesday (Dec. 14) before the final.