The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the result of Ctadel's code generation for the HIRLAM dynamics. The HIRLAM dynamics is one of the core numerical routines used in the HIRLAM weather forecast system.

Ctadel's algebraic environment integrates HTML and document generation capabilities. This allows big mathematical expressions to be integrated in HTML pages.

You can simply navigate through the object-oriented core of Ctadel by clicking on any object that is highlighted.

All the documents that you can access from here are automatically generated from the source scripts below.

Source scripts used in the translation process

arakawa.s [HTML]
declare.s [HTML]
diff.s [HTML]
disclaim.s [HTML]
dyn.s [HTML]
equation.s [HTML]
fdm.s [HTML]
fort77.s [HTML]
hardware.s [HTML]
html.s [HTML]
init.s [HTML]
linalg.s [HTML]
report.s [HTML]
sfun.s [HTML]
trial.s [HTML]
vecalg.s [HTML]
The dyn.s script contains the equations governing the atmosphere.

Additional information on the classes of variables


Code generated

Examples of the automatically generated Fortran codes:
Data Parallel
NOTE: These codes are intended for illustrative purposes. The fully optimized codes are not made publicly available.

We provide no warranty, please see the disclaimer for more details.

This document was generated by a Ctadel HTML report generator.